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Pictures from the Walk Run for the Georgetown Hospital on Sep 25, 2016 in Georgetown, ON

"The photo booth pictures look terrific! Always love working with you Dennis! I have full confidence in your services and thanks so much for the great work you do at the walk/run for the hospital."
Jennifer McNally, Manager, Annual Giving & Special Events
Georgetown Hospital Foundation

Georgetown, ON


Silver Creek Public School Graduation

Photo Collage

June 2, 2016 Georgetown, ON

"The photo booth was a lot of fun at the school BBQ! I was surprised by the quality of the pictures. The students also commented about how great the photos looked compared to other photo booths they have used. Thank you!"
Carrie Skeels
Harrison Public School

Georgetown, ON

Initially our guests thought they would have to pay for their photos, but they were free! It was very fun and the props were a big hit.
It was efficient, the line moved quickly, and everyone was enjoying themselves.  There was a vibe of excitement around the booth area – which heightened the overall atmosphere at our event."
Victoria McDonald, Board of Directors
Georgetown Hospital Foundation

Georgetown, ON

To be honest, the photo booth was on the ‘wants’ list, not the ‘needs’ list but everyone at the wedding loved it! Your ability to customize the experience was great! Everyone loved the photo booth and enjoyed all the different props. Thanks again! It was a blast having you there and you helped to make our day that much more special!”
Kayla & Christian Rampulla

Acton, ON

I was a little concerned about the size of the booth versus space available at our event, but everything went great.  I wondered if the demographic we were targeting would be inclined to be so interactive, but I was surprised to see them letting loose and using the props.

Guests loved the photo booth so much they are requesting extra copies of the photos to send to family members! You guys were pros, thank you again!”

Talia Rose Yeo, Special Events and Volunteer Coordinator
Elora Centre for the Arts

Elora, ON

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Fri October 28, 2016

Will Your Event Live Up to Today's Expectation for Entertainment?
Are you planning an event? A wedding? A family event such as an anniversary or reunion? A fundraising event? If so, then you're probably thinking of ways to make it fun and unique for your guests.  It doesn't matter what type of event you're planning - there's a problem... It's hard to keep people's interest and they expect to be entertained.  These expectations keep rising. You need a way to make your event entertaining and memorable (unless mediocre is all you're aiming for).

When Mediocre Isn't Enough
Whether it's a wedding, fundraising event, anniversary celebration, or any event where a group of people get together it's tough to plan ways for everyone to get involved.  You'll certainly have to get the basics right - everyone expects that. But if you're looking to go beyond the basics, then you need to offer a unique experience for your guests.

Isn't this the kind of event your guests want?
What if you could give your guests a chance to let loose a bit and have a few laughs? What if it was fun for all ages - kids and grandparents alike?

What if they had something fun to do instead of standing around trying to look like they don't feel a little awkward? What if there was a way they could meet new people in a natural and fun way? If you can do this at your event then you'll practically be guaranteed to get compliments.  It will also take some of the pressure off to plan everything minute-by-minute, because your guests have something fun to do during slower times.

"What a great idea! What a blast!"
The Instant Fun Photo Booth will make your event a blast for your guests.  You'll have endless entertainment for your guests and fantastic photo memories. Here's how it works - you simply step up to the photo booth mini-studio and pose for three or four photos while watching a live video preview.  The images are combined and printed fast on the spot.  It's easy and fun. It's worry-free and everything is done for you. There's always a friendly attendant right there to help your guests and print extra copies of photos.


At first we had some concerns about bringing the Instant Fun Photobooth service to our 2013 Light-Up Wellspring Event.  Our main concern was how the attendees would respond to the photobooth; however, it turned out to be a great hit that night!

If there was anything we would change next time it would be the room because it turned out a lot more people used the photobooth than expected,  so a larger room would be beneficial for everyone. We were surprised as to how many people enjoyed the photobooth and how quickly the pictures were taken, it was a very fun and upbeat part to our event. People liked to have the pictures that night."
Martha Strong
Wellspring Chinguacousy Foundation Cancer Support Centre

Brampton, ON

Your guests will love to get together and take crazy pictures that are printed right there on the spot.

Thank you so much for your efforts tonight. The feedback about the photo booth was fantastic! I had so many people ask about you and the business. The online photo gallery looks great and I heard lots of positive feedback.

Keep in touch and if you ever need a reference, I’d be happy to provide.”

Lori Hurst, Co-Chair, Catholic School Council, Our Lady of Victory

Milton, ON

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